Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Married

Jake and I have been married for almost a month! Wahoo! We're practically professionals at this whole marriage thing (just kidding).  But we really are loving it out here and having tons of fun with each other.  I finally got to it and went through all these pictures.  These are only the ones up until we left the temple.  I still have to post pictures from the luncheon and reception, and I really will do it sooner than later.  I put a lot up here, so if you get bored I'm sorry. I loved going through them though, that's probably why I put so many up.    

My hair was so lovely when we started.  Don't know why we didn't just keep it the way it was.  I have no idea why this picture went to the side, but I can't get it to move.  I'm not very good with this whole blog thing yet.
Everyone wanted to help.

First ones to breakfast! We see who cares most about food.

Emma's mysterious look

On our way to the temple
Dad was too happy to be getting rid of me
Waiting at the temple

Here they come!

Jake is giving Dad the face of, "uhh, she's mine now."

I like Dallin in this picture



The alligator was much more entertaining.

I know this is the back of Sarah's head, but she was taking care of Wendy wen we were taking family pictures.  I had to show that she was there. 

Hanna this picture is for you

Mmmm mmm good.

I got tired of wearing it, so Jake tried it out.  I thought it looked rather dashing.