Thursday, February 24, 2011

Powder Perfect Skiing

Sheila came down over President's Day weekend and we took her and Jake's sister Hillary to the Canyons for a beautiful day of skiing.  Jake has hookups and we all skied for free! (thanks to our friend who's grandpa used to own the mountain.)  24 inches in two days, sun shining, it was a wonderful day. 

Getting ready.  Sadly Sheila and Hillary didn't want to come hike with us later, so getting ready with them is the only time we got a picture of them.  i guess we forgot when we were all skiing together.
 We took a chair then hiked up to this point.  These guys start skiing then let the wind take them the rest of the way. It was really cool to watch.  I guess if you want to ski and fly at the same time, this is the way to go.

At the top.  If this was a video I think you'd be able to hear me panting from the hike up.  It wasn't even long, I'm just a little wimpy.

We skied down this ridge and hiked up more! yay for almost dying!

Way back behind me is the slope we hiked up.  Then skied down the middle there along the trees, and hiked up more in order to get to the fresh powder.  I didn't do a very good job of skiing down in the deep powder, but it sure was cool.  Jake is a much better skier than I.

Proof of my last statement.  I stood underneath the cliff and took this picture as he jumped off.  I get so nervous and probably a bit too naggy whenever he does flips and drops like this.   I can't help but think of the worst possible scenario that could occur.  Luckily he uses his head.

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