Sunday, November 28, 2010

Honeymoon- Mt. RAINier: true to its name..

Jake here. We decided it was time to repent of our blog-neglecting sin and play some catch-up. We had an awesome honeymoon. I'd say it fit us rather well. Most couples spend a week on a beach somewhere where they don't speak your language, or go on a cruise and stuff their faces. We went hiking on Mt. Ranier. Ok, so we didn't sleep in a tent or survive off of hobo dinners and granola...I thought about it as I was planning it, but decided that I wanted to STAY married after the honeymoon (everybody's nodding their heads right now..or shaking them..) And yes, despite any fears Ellisha may have had in my picking out a good spot, we had the perfect place. We stayed in a guesthouse in the woods, right outside the Nisqually entrance and about 30 min from Paradise (where you start hiking). It came complete with kitchen (breakfast-stocked fridge:), living room, fireplace, private hot tub, private sauna, and bbq. We loved it.

Our first hike turned out to be our first real test in marriage. It was misting the whole time, so by the time we got back down to our car, we were soaking wet, hungry and ready to be warm again. This was about the time I realized I didn't have the keys. They were dangling inside the ignition of our locked car. Two hours later we were on our way home, twice as cold and wet, but still married :).

Here are pictures (currently without captions).  For more, check out my facebook

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