Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is getting "normal" again

 I think life is getting a little more "normal" now.  Of course, our normal is different than normal used to be.  The best advice I was given before Tanner came was that after each child is born, we have to find our new normal.  So now, finally, I think I have adapted to the dramatic change in schedule, and am able to leave the house without falling apart.  Feels pretty good actually.  I like this whole mom thing.  

Here are a few pictures from the past few months since this little boy came into our lives.

At Chrissy's wedding.  Tanner is almost 3 weeks old here and as cute as ever.  It was the first social thing we really did after he was born.  I am so glad I was feeling good that day! It was a wonderful sealing.

Doesn't she look beautiful?! I am so happy for her! Chrissy and I have been good friends since she moved into our ward in middle school.  High school was a blast with her, and it was so fun to be in the temple with her and Robbie.

 A few days after Chrissy's wedding, at the doctor's office again.  I had the flu and a cough came with it, so they ask you to wear these cute masks so nobody else gets sick.  Jake wore one to make me feel better. 

March 26th, our first time hiking with Tanner! We went to Cougar Mountain just 20 minutes away from us.  It was a beautiful hike and it felt so wonderful to get out into mother nature.

A mine shaft that looked like it was a hole to the other side of the earth.  

While we were in Utah for Sheila and Ryan's wedding, we went to Jake's grandmother's wedding in the Provo Temple. I liked how the pretty spring flowers were covered in snow... Only in Utah

Easter egg hunt after the dinner on Friday night. 

Saturday, Sheila's wedding.  Cute little Tanner

We stayed in Utah until Monday, so we went hiking in Spanish Fork canyon.  Loved it

 A few cute pictures of our little boy.  He is growing so fast, I can't believe he is already 2 1/2 months! He is a very happy little boy and talks all the time.  I can't decide who is better at baby talk, Jake or Tanner.

 One of my favorite pictures.  Not really sure what I was eating that day...

Picture is really dark, but he is sucking his three middle fingers just like I used to.  I kind of hope he doesn't make a habit out of it though.  My dad put duct tape on my hand/arm because I wouldn't stop.

Pretty sure this was Dallin's outfit.  I love this book


  1. yay life is normal again!!!! that is a good feeling! love you!

  2. Cute pictures! I'm glad things are getting into a rhythm for you guys! Love you!