Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas time!

Tanner's day: Sat on Santa's lap, helped mom decorate the tree, then made a mess in my pants (for the fourth time, although this one was the worst).

We had a Christmas brunch this year.  There were lots of crafts for the kids to do, and a whole lot of breakfast casseroles to eat.

He really liked the bells on Santa's shirt. 

Jake had to go to the library after we came home, so Tanner and I decorated the tree.

Well, Tanner helped by being cute company.  He spent most of the time taking the ornaments off the tree and tasting them.

Here is a picture of him walking! Ok, standing, but he was in the middle of walking to the tree.  Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

And why are we in the bath tub with all of our clothes on?

 That's why!  (Note: this is not due to water in the bath tub... sick.)

All clean. And making a weird face.

Yes, it was a good day.


  1. Oh my goodness he is so stinking cute!! Let us know when you guys are in town! We would love to see you again!!

  2. Hi Jake and Ellisha :o)

    Your little boy is positively gorgeous - he will be fightin' off the girls before too long!

    Love you guys,

    Melissa :o)