Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to the world wide web of blogging...or "we're married now, we can do stupid things"

Prologue to our blogging ventures
by Jake Kempton

So first off let me begin by saying that I have always been opposed to blogs (great way to start out, i know). But before all you die-hard blog junkies pick up your pitchforks, I must also confess that on more than one occasion I have found myself reading (and enjoying) the blogs of others. Without rambling on for the next 5 minutes about the pros and cons of blogging (namely how facebook has so much more utility for the single byu male looking for his EC) let it suffice to say that I have begun to mature out of the facebook phase and thus come into the world wide web of blogging.

....Or, as ellisha said concerning the subject "we're married now, we can do stupid things"

And so it is with the utmost satisfaction that we present to the world (or at least to those select few who are privileged/bored enough to stumble across our page) the amazing adventures of Jake and Ellisha!!

..ok...maybe that was too much

Que in Ellisha.

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