Tuesday, September 14, 2010


So we went to Yellowstone (with Mom, Dad and Keyes kids) quite a while ago, but I just made the blog and there were some pictures from the trip I wanted to share.

The lovely couple ready for some fun.
I guess the photographer thought it better to capture the moment rather than help poor Jake.  Good thing he made it, wouldn't have been such a good wedding without him.
Tauni and I are posing with this beautiful tree.  I think it was the only dead one around, and all the moss on it made it look pretty cool.
Cool view.
This pool was beautiful! However, when we were hiking around off in the backcountry (not on all the boardwalks), we saw huge and much prettier pools. Oh they were fantastic
big bums and messy hair
I was taking pictures of Mom, Sheila, Dallin and Tauni spelling with their fingers "I love dad".  I thought it was a cute idea. Hanna, however, had a different opinion...
If you can see, there are pelicans in the back ground.  We were doing our best to imitate them.
Obviously this buffalo didn't care about road signs.
Dallin at the dragon's mouth spring.  I think he's trying to be a dragon.
Dad and Dallin
oh so sweet
Mom got a little excited when Dad took pictures of the Beck family.
Hanna after she fell in the muddy swamp of a lake.  I think she took out her revenge on poor Dallin.
Not so lovely after the hiking is all over


  1. yay i am so glad you two are doing a blog because I wanna see what its like over there in DC! Don't worry you'll soon learn you like doing occasional blog posts for the sake of journaling in a way! its a great thing for us that stink/can't afford scrapbooking! I am so happy you're staying forever Jake! Oh and Ellisha I wore my flower the other day and everyone loved it!

  2. We love your pictures! Can't wait to see more!

  3. I love all of the pictures and I'm jealous of your trip to Yellowstone! I'm glad y'all started a blog! We keep ours as a family journal and we're planning on having it printed out so there's an idea for you if you're awful at keeping a real journal like I am (yes, I'll admit it). We'll make sure to invite you to our blog!
    Love you guys!

  4. I loved your blog-- I can't wait to see you guys in November. I am counting down the days!!


    Jennifer Kempton

  5. Awesome blog, guys! Way to go - all the cool married folks have them. :)

    Your cousins,

    Paige and Josh