Thursday, September 15, 2011

Graduation..... finally!

So I realize we haven't been very good about keeping up with our blog.  Really there is no good excuse, except that I didn't think Jake and I were that interesting to even make people want to read our blog. I got a little lecture from Mom and Hanna B., and since there is going to be someone worth taking pictures of in our family (the baby), I should get good at this whole blogging thing before February.  So here it goes..

Graduation! Hurray for Jake! And by the way, the "finally" in the title is not to say, "finally, Jake graduated!" Rather, it was to say, "finally, Ellisha is posting pictures!"  I will say "finally" when Jake graduates from Law School.  That will be a very welcomed day.  It was fun to be with the Kemptons and Keyes for Jake's graduation.  I only have a few pictures of the occasion though.

Jake getting ready in the Wilk. 

Can you see him?

Hillary came with me to the first day of graduation.  

Notice the mustache.  He was so proud of it.  I do not like mustaches.

Day 2, the real graduation day.  
Sadly I don't have any pictures with the family on this day.  We took them all with Dad's camera, I guess I better get those one of these days.


  1. You updated your blog! Congratulations! Oh yeah...and congrats on graduating too, Jake! Hey we all might get to come to WA in November...UW unofficially told Lance to plan on an interview Nov. 8th, but we'll see what happens. We would love to see you guys!

  2. Hooray for an updated blog! I love the pictures!