Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's a Boy!

We went to the doctor on Monday for the ultrasound.  For those who haven't had one, let me tell ya...well, I guess I can't really say anything since I haven't had one either (ps this is jake writing), but let's just say I wasn't envious of Ellisha.  But the pictures were cool.  Well, actually at first I was a little worried.  The nurse started out by looking at the baby's innards (i.e. his heart, brain etc...).  Well, she didn't really tell me this, so all I saw was this big blog thing on the screen.  My thoughts went something like, "great, that's our kid?  That doesn't look ANYTHING like any other ultrasound that I've ever seen before (because, you know, I've seen so many in my time)...our baby just looks like a giant blob."  But, the nurse calmed my fears of having a blobby kid (ellisha's words) when she showed his full profile.  That was cool.  Instead of a blob, we're going to have an alien. (Ellisha is rolling her eyes at me and critiquing my grammar/punctuation right now.)  But really, it was a cool experience.  I thought it was especially cool how he was moving around during the ultrasound.  The nurse said they can do somersaults...yeah, our kid is already practicing his backflips for when we go skiing..

ok, I'll stop there.  Here are the pictures:

Ellisha is 19 weeks today! 

Our little alien..'s a boy
(I claim full responsibility for the posting of this picture)

 Ellisha: "Cute little foot"

Yeah, most kids have to wait till they're like 14 months 
before they learn how to wave...
our kid is a bit ahead of the bell curve


  1. Aw your little alien is so cute already! ;) just wait til you seen him right after he's born, yep, still alien. But he will be so handsome anyway! We are so happy and excited for you guys and the joyous experience of being first-time parents. Good luck with the next few months!

  2. Wow, how awesome! Congratulations! Josh and I are so happy for you guys. Baby boys are the best! :)

  3. George it's so weird to see you pregnant. I was thinking of good boy names today and I think 'Tank' would be a good one.

  4. I loved the pictures! IT makes it seems so real to see his little feet! No back flips for grandchildren Jake-- Let that go down on record--K??? Can't wait for his arrival! I do think your blog fits you two to a "T"-- ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE!!!


  5. Congratulations guys! We're excited for you!


  6. So exciting! Congratulations! You are so cute.