Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Francisco Road Trip

Well a big event this summer was going to San Francisco and then helping Lance and Melissa move to Iowa.  It was a lot of driving, to say the least.  I just found some cute pictures from San Francisco that I thought Sarah and Melissa would appreciate.

Two cute girls.

And one cute boy.

Jake had a lot of scruff.

I think the reason Addi and Jake aren't in this picture, is because they are off playing together.  Addi had a major crush on Jake from the start.  Pretty sure it's because he would always "jump" her when she asked, and she asked all the time.  He's a softy for that cute little girl.

 Bike ride one night. It was a beautiful sunset!

Jake got a picture of Melissa, Lance and I riding in the sunset.  A little blurry, but I still like it.

Jake had Eve in the Weehoo thing behind his bike.  They were going a little crazy down steep, grassy hills, but Eve was extra brave.  On the uphills she would say, "Bring it on!" in a really deep and intense voice.  

Eating yummy ice cream at Ghirardelli's.  I really liked this picture because Blake's mouth is wide open in anticipation of another bite.  I wish it wasn't so dark.

We went camping in some beautiful California mountains.  We had our bikes, so Jake was having some fun.

 Notice the twisted pacifier.  I just realized that every picture of Eric with his pacifier, it's all lopsided in his mouth.  I guess I haven't tried one is so long, I wouldn't know what the most comfortable way to suck on it is.

This hike was a bit more than we were expecting.  Thank goodness the strollers were built for crazy activities.  It ended at a cool ropes course, which we played at for a while.  Then Jake and Lance ran back up the trail and told us they would drive the cars back down (the road said 4-wheel drive only, and we did not meet those qualifications).  There was a time that Melissa and I weren't sure if we would ever get rescued, but at last we met up with the boys and the cars.  (We had started to hike up the road because we weren't sure if they would be able to find us with the cars from where we were.) 

We made a little stop as we drove through South Dakota.  

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  1. You guys are awesome--we can never thank you enough for making that enormous drive! Thanks for coming to SF to play too, and Lance will always have his souvenir tick jaws to remember our camping trip!